WHOP. brings new kind of challenge to the table. Skillfully maneuver the cube from side to side while keeping the balance of sides in check. It starts out hard, and gets even harder as you progress. How long can you keep up? Can you reach the highest of levels and join the legends?

Hand made with love in 72 hours for ScoreSpace Jam #8 with a theme of balance (https://itch.io/jam/scorejam8).

- Use A and D to roll and move the cube left and right, 
- S to apply downward force to bring the cube down faster for more advanced maneuvering
SPACE to jump and double jump (note: using the double jump instantly after jumping yields worse results than using it when you are the peak of the first jump, so it's better to use it at a very last moment before you start falling down again!)

- Double jumps are reset only after touching the top of platform (not from sides!)
- Keep the balance in check by collecting platforms from both sides.
- When touching colored platform, the balance shifts other direction.
- Consecutive jumps on same colored platforms give less score.
- Score per platform increases the higher you get, but so does the difficulty.
- You will lose if you let other color touch other edge of the browser, or if you get caught up by the camera

High scores are stored locally in browser.

A game by Sami Orko & Daniel Österman.


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game is racist to italians